9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had my L.Spine Xray n next day I came to knw that I'm pregnant plz help me.. Will Xray cause any harm to my baby? Now m 8 weeks pregnant..

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Answer: no xray will not harm the baby. relax. and consult doctor to proceed with pregnancy procedures n tests.
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Question: i am 7 weeks pregnant..i had a fish curry in very small quantity, but afterwards i came to know that it had tamarind water...what to do??? m tensed.. will it cause any harm to my pregnancy???
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Tamarind is safe in pregnancy. It is used to cure constipation and get rid of vomits and nausea. Don't worry. Take care
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Question: Hlo...yesterday i came to knw that i m pregnant...tell me some excercises n diet
Answer: Hello During pregnancy u can eat wt u want but it's also essential to eat right for u and ur growing baby. A well balanced diet filled with all the essential minerals and nutrients is very important. Eat proteins like chicken fish lamb. It's rich in b12 fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids wch helps in brain development. You have to be well hydrated as with water fresh fruit juices butter milk milkshakes etc Eat lots of ghee diary products this helps in increasing ur baby s weight . Eat lots fruits and vegetables lentils whole grains include high fiber foods so u will have a good iron content with nutrient value. Avoid eating or drinking citrus fruits as it can give u acidity. Do not eat papaya pineapple as they contain high estrogen levels r bad for ur baby. Keep physically active by walking stretching etc so u have fresh oxygen to ur blood.
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Question: imm suffering hepatitise B+ from 2006 to now pregnant. will it cause any harm to me n my baby
Answer: Hello Hepatis b will not affect ur child unless the infection is high how ever ur doctor should know the level of infection so she can protect ur child from infection. Routine blood checks are done regularly. If the infection level is moderate then u r baby is given vaccines needed to safe guard the baby from infection. If the infection level in your blood is high then u ll be put on medication so ur baby can be protected from the infection. The treatment starts in ur third trimester. Depending on how high the infection level is.
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