2 months old baby

Question: I had my c section 10 weeks back I am not feeding my baby giving formula milk so got my periods its 7 th day for me ,still its bleeding why??

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Question: I am not producing enough milk for feeding pls suggest something. I had c section delivery.
Answer: I also had the same issue when my baby was born. Few tips which is used, tried and tested by me hope it will help.  Try to offer ur baby more breast milk even if u hv low supply the more baby latch the more milk will produce so offer ur baby both the sides like 10 mins from left then another 10mins from right side. Doing this the milk glands will open and start produce milk. Other then this u can try zeera and ajwain water this will also help to make more milk. You can also try to increase ur milk supply by using breast pump with its suction power the milk glands can start producing milk. Include more milk products in ur diet like milk porridge (daliya) works very effectively and it's very very healthy for u too.
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Question: I had C section delivery. I breastfeed my baby.Around 5 weeks my postpartum bleeding had stopped. Today I saw little bleeding. Why is it so?? Is that periods??
Answer: Possibly yes dear, you can get your normal regular period after 2 months of delivery or even after 1 year of delivery and both considered normal. Me too got normal periods within 2 months of my delivery. My doctor said it is normal and good to be back on regular period. If the bleeding continues for maximum for 2-7 days then it's your regular period but if more than that then could be a matter of concern and you should consult doctor in such case. Take care.
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Question: Hi I had c section delivery on June 09. I have not got my periods yet after this long. So should I consult my gynec for this?? M breast feeding my son and also giving him formula milk. Please suggest
Answer: Dear sometimes mom's didn't get period while breastfeeding because of hormonal changes. And some mom's don't get their period after 9-12 months after delivery. So don't worry it's normal. But if any chance you had unprotected intercourse then you can consult with your doctor and check..
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