5 months old baby

Question: I had my c sectio in the month of September.its been more than 5 months now ,i still get pain in my stitches..what do i do? Please suggest

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Answer: Hello dear. It is not normal as my stitches got healed in a month's time and never felt pain again after that. I would suggest you to consult gynae to understand the cause of pain. As that can be known only after check up. Hope it helps.
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    Kulsum Salman848 days ago

    My stitches are also healed and completely dry but i get pain sometimes..do i still need to cueck with the doctor?

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Question: I had delivered my baby on 25th sep through c-section. Its been more than 5 months but still my tummy is not in shape. What kind of exercise I can do at home. Please suggest me.
Answer: In 5 months, honestly it is extremely difficult to get your tummy in shape as in c-section you cannot stretch your stomach too much. But brisk walk is a best exercise you can do regularly and will benefit a lot in reducing your stomach weight and making your legs strong again. Take proper calcium and keep yourself hydrated by drinking good amount of water. Please do not go on diet as right now your body need all kind of nutrients including ghee. Have everything in your meal. Just make sure to do a brisk walk atleast for an hour or less.
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Question: Its been two months of my delivery i had a c section....today i had a pain in my stitches ..it has water coming out of the stitches...what shell i do?
Answer: Hello dear. Water coming out of the stitches is not a good sign and means your stitches are not completely healed. Please see a gynae immediately and start with the medication. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi its been more than a month of C section. Please suggest how to take care after take care of health after, as i am still having pain
Answer: Need to take more rest till 3 months after C section
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