22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had my anomal scan yesterday in that renal pelvis left and right both measured 4.9 is there any problem

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Answer: hi dear! The usual measurement of the renal pelvis is between 0 to 7 mm before 24 weeks and less than 10 mm after 28 weeks. If the measurement is more than this at either of these stages in the pregnancy, the widening or enlargement of the renal pelvis is called RPD. take care dear.
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Question: hi. we have done 9 th month scan and it is mentioned as left renal pelvis 6mm and right renal pelvis 3mm. is there any problem in it
Answer: Renal pelvis dialation is a widening of the renal pelvis and is a common finding on ultrasound scans performed during pregnancy. Often it is temporary and not associated with any problems in the kidney or ureter. This is a very common finding that will resolve by itself as your baby grows bigger. There is nothing to worry.
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Question: Hi yesterday i done growth scan in that they mentioned Left kidney shows prominent pelvis,renal pelvis measure 6.3 mm in ap dimension....please let me know ia there any problem to my baby ...
Answer: No problem it is quite normal..... it will go after delivery..... and ur baby is a boy baby i think
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Question: Iam 26 week pregenent my scanning of fetal echo my baby has Right renal pelvis is measured 4.6mm amd left 5.8 mm is it any harmful to baby
Answer: Most boy babies get this prob...it's known as renal dilation...some kidneys won't be dialted but ll be prominent...its very normal to get this prob and as the baby grows...it ll become normal soon...and this helps in gender prediction a lot....99% is....read my first sentence.. He he...even my boy got dilation in kidney..but during 9 th month everything went normal again...6 out of 10 preg ladies experience this prob in boy baby...don't worry at all my dear...your boy is safe inside
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