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Question: I had miscarried on Dec 6 and done d&C and I got my periods by Jan 23 and now it is 29 days from my LMP, may I know whether it is possible to be pregnant and if so any problem happen again... Coz my doctor told to wait till March periods.. But I'm worried if it is lil earlier... Pls help me in clearing my doubts

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Answer: Dear if you had unprotected sex after your period then the chances are high that you can be pregnant but your doctor is right at least three months gap is important after a miscarriage or abortion so that your body can be physically and mentally healed. but if you are pregnant early then you have to be very careful and take extra care of yourself also consult with your doctor right away...
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Question: My periods were on 23 Dec and it was till 27 Dec what is my ovulation period can you tell me and I am over weight
Answer: Ovulation days may occur in between 12th to 18th day and may differ from person to person. Take a follicular study scan inorder to know your ovulation days.
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Question: My edd in usg 17th dec and dr said 20th so is it possible 10th dec delivery will happen
Answer: If you are getting labour pain then it is possible
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Question: Kindly tell me i had bleeding postpartum till 41 days but after 3 days on 5th JAN again bleeding started for 7 days. I thought it was my periods. But today 25th JAN again bleeding started. Still confused whether periods or some other disease as my doctor told me that i have small fibroids in my uterus during c section. I m also breastfeeding
Answer: It happens and the eventually it clears. Same kind of thing happened with me. Even now. I consular my gynaecologist she told it will eventually clear happening like that and those are not periods. So you don't need to worry.
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Question: Hi i m conceived on dec but 2days back miscarried so i want to concieve but is it possible for next month?or else we have to wait?
Answer: Ya is it ok u have no problem
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