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Question: I had miscarriage second time after one year of last misscariage i was not concieving this time but when i get pregnant i miscarrisge in 2nd month plz help what should i do ?

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Answer: Helloo dear..myself dr. Maya obstretician and gynaecologist..have u gone through any test yet..if not u may go for some test that r very imp to be done to make it clear about the cause behind the spontaneous abortion..go for series of test like CBC with platelet count, RBS,SERUM T3T4 TSH,BT CT,aPTT PT INR,APLA..USG Pelvis...thyroid disorders and bleeding disorders lead to 1st trimester abortion..avoid excessive coffee and tea..if u r having any addiction stop that..if u r having any chronic illness and if u r on any long term medication consult to ur doc regrading its detrimental effect on baby..avoid mental and physical stress..stay happy..start taking folic acid 5mg daily prior to conception..if any of the above test comes out to be abnormal..go for treatment for that..if every thing is al right dont worry than..just be happy..stay happy..coz happiness is the key to conceive..but remember whenever u overdue..go for urine pregnancy test..and with god bless comes out to be positive..immediately consult ur doc she might start some kind of special medication along with hormonal support..all d best
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Question: I have 7 years daughter. We r planning for second one for one year and I had miscarriage last year from then after I'm not conceiving.what to do .
Answer: The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation. So if ur period starts 1st July then ur ovulation days would start on 14th July and u should have sex between 8th July and 14th July to getbthe best results. Pay attention to your diet. For both men and women, food and fertility are linked. Stick to a balanced diet to boost your chances of a healthy baby. Eat several servings of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk every day. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I had a miscarriage last year in January now I am 11 weeks pregnant and I always have fear of miscarriage what to do plz help?
Answer: Hi dear u should remember right now for healthy pregnancy u r required to be stressfree. U need to take care of ur diet and do follow doctor advise. Don't miss doctor visit as it will give u time to timE baby growth update.
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Question: I had a miscarriage last time. This time i was 6w3d pregnant now. What is normal hcg level at this time? No symptoms too. Im afraid. Pls help
Answer: Hello dear in 6 week normal hcg level is 1080 -- 56,500mlU/ml. If u r 4 - 5 weeks pregnant, it is simply too early to experience pregnancy symptoms. Most pregnancy symptoms creep around the 6 week. But is you have passed 6 week and dont feel pregnant then no need to worry because all women have different experience of pregnancy. Hormones behave differently in different bodies. This does not mean u are less pregnant or more at risk than women who have every symptoms.
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Question: I have 3 times miscarriage continuously.. Last miscarriage was in Sept.. Try to get pregnant for 2months...but not able to.. What should I do?
Answer: Plz identify the reason for the past miscarriages
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