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Question: I had miscarriage first of 45days. Than after four months got pregancy. But on usg it shows cyst and one small blood clot. But doctor says will wait and see for three months. Than take desicion. In fact Hydroyprogesterone caprote injection once in week given. Susten tablets. Iron and vomiting tablets also given. But since I conceived me getting little by little everyday. Taken bed rest also. But the condition is the same. Bleeding still continues. So m worried is my baby safe? Further what will be the suitation? Can anyone suggest me Pls. Thanks in advance. God bless you'll.

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Question: Hi doctor, I'm 16weeks pregnant women. I don't have morning sickness and vomiting sensation but still doxylamine succinate & pyridoxine hydrochloride tablets were given to me. Also Susten 100 tablets were given to me to Take at night. Is that good enough for me and if so what is the use of taking those tablets please clarify my doubts
Answer: Hi! First of all its completely fine to feel good at second trimester, however the meds u hv mentioned are fr common cold and Vitamin B6 supplements respectively and Susten is progesterone supplement which is again safe, now if u hv any doubt pls feel free to talk to ur Dr. abt them.. Hope this helps!
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Question: In my usg scan it shows cyst and one small clot too. And me getting bleeding little by little everyday. Doctor given me injections once in a week plus iron and susten tablets. Me consulted again saying bleeding doesn't stop. So doctor tds me it's the blood clot that going little by little. So is my baby safe ? This bleeding which going won't harm my baby ? Or we other affect my health ? Pls guide. Thanks
Answer: Blood clot mean tat retro placental hemhorage I too faced it during my 9 months..on n off bleeding stop movements injection medicine n tension is part of my whole pregnancy..doc recommend bed rest n 9 months I was stuck in bed only finally after 9 months gt my healthy 3kg 800gm baby girl... When I remember those days tat haunts me my pregnancy was very stressful but thank God me n .y baby is safe n now she is 4 years old school going toodler. Keep faith on God continue medicine follow ur gynecologist advice n take rest.good luck
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Question: Hi mam..I had triplet pregnancy doctor advised me to do fetal reduction into twins..reduction process were done successfully..but after few weeks I had brownish discharge continues..our doctor scanned me and I had subchroinic hemorrhage..is it any complication?but the clot was smaller than the babys..and the two babys are also normal..but am afraid pls help
Answer: In most of the cases this is not dangerous but do follow your doctors advice as they can guide u better in such situations. All the best and take care mumma :)
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