2 months old baby

Question: I had low milk supply since delivery, So I was giving Formula milk along with my breastmilk for all these days, Suddenly my baby is avoiding my milk and spiting it if I express and feed him, My supply is getting decreased, Please advise me on this and how to make baby take my milk again.

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Answer: First of all you have to increase your breastmilk supply by having proper diet then only your baby like to suck.
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Question: My breast milk supply was good before and now it has decreased... Baby is also avoiding breastmilk.. Please help me.. What can be done to increase milk supply and how can baby drink breastmilk properly..
Answer: Dear to increase breast milk need to yave proper diet....drink 3-4 ltrs if water everyday....add methi seeds in ur diet,have dil leaves by making subzi,take at keast 3 glasess of milk everyday,have green vegetables,and leafy vegetables,have dry fruits,and take protine suppliment with milk...which will help in increasing milk..and see weater baby is peeing at least 8 times then baby is getting enough milk.....babies tummy will be very small...they can fill it in 10 to 15mins of latching....and when baby grows then they"ll latch hardly....on that timecalso you feel ur brest is empty.....
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Question: how to increase breastmilk supply? i am giving my baby formula milk since his birth 22 days ago as my breastmilk supply is very low even after taking medication. what to do? please help
Answer: Here is a simple homemade powder for increasing milk supply in lactating mothers. Dry roast equal quantities of cumin and fennel seeds till they turn aromatic. Cool them and grind to powder. Mix ½ tsp powder in ½ tsp warm ghee and consume 30 minutes before food 2 to 3 times a day. Desi ghee works best. This can be consumed for 2 weeks, followed by a break for 4 to 5 days and then repeat the cycle. This also helps to reduce colic in breastfed babies. A small portion of ajwain/ carom seeds can also be included.
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Question: Hi ,,,, My baby 43 days old and m giving him breast feed along with formula milk,my breast milk supply is bit low as he isnt getting proper milk that's y giving top feed now m bit confused how many times i should give him formula milk and how much amount?
Answer: hi dear you can feed your baby formula milk every 2 hours and the directions for the preparation is given on the cover of the milk powder.
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