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Question: I had light spotting... Last few days.. Doctor prescribed to take duphaston 10mg tablet... Is it good to take or not??

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Answer: Hi ...I also took the same tablet since I also experienced spotting in 12th week...it is safe. But also my doctor advised bed rest for 7 days.
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    Mujju Sk115 days ago

    Aftr 12th week hve yu again experinced wid spotting till now..plz answr me

Answer: It is absolutely safe
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Question: Why doctor prescribed me letoval 2.5 MG Tablet and duphaston 10mg tablet please tell me?????
Answer: Letoval is to produce healthy egg to conceive.. and duphaston is an progesterone tab which will avoid miscarriage or bleeding..
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Question: I m 4 weeks pregnant.. is it safe to take duphaston 10mg tablet??
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to consult your doctor before taking any medications during pregnancy. Take care.
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Question: Hi friends.. anyone who had mild spotting in week 9? I am having it since last two days.. but no cramps just light brown discharge.. pls help is there anything to worry? Doctor prescribed me on Duphaston for 7 days..
Answer: Yes I had brown discharge from 6to9 week, I am taking duphaston since the day I visited doctor twice a day. Don't worry its normal.
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Question: Hi i have not taken my medicine duphaston at morning as i forget to take but i have take 2medicine as 10mg +10mg now . It safe or not .
Answer: Hello! If you forget to take the medicine, then leave it and no need to take the morning dose with the evening one. Also try to keep a track of the medicine which needs to be taken. Take care
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