34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had hypothyroid.....during pregnancy it's normal by using thyroxin...........does this affect on delivery??plzz explain it

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Answer: It's very important to take thyroxin during pregnancy if you are hypothyroid. Thyroid hormone help in proper growth and development of the baby. And also the dosage of thyroxin required increases during pregnancy. So ideally you should get your TSH level checked and increase dose if needed
Answer: If thyriod is normal then it won't affect baby or delivery. Continue medicines. Also have to check in between if the level is stablised
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Question: Does hypothyroid affect during pregnancy. I m first time pregnant. Please help me..
Answer: Please dont worry. Dont ignore or neglect the thyroid medicine prescribed by doctor. Happy pregnancy
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Question: Hw to avoid high bp during pregnancy....does this affect normal delivery
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety.Bp is not good in pregnancy as it can show effect on babies growth and on normal delivery becomes tough or impossible with bp.Bp is mainly due to stress and diet. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to good music. Talk to people you are comfortable with. Spend some time with plants thus gives you lot of relief. Sleep well. Remember if you are happy only baby will be happy inside. Avoid food that contains high sodium levels such as pickles, packed food etc. Take care
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Question: I have a fundal placenta anterior...plz help to explain it...Does it affect to baby or in Normal delivery
Answer: Placenta is attached to the uterus and uterus has two walls the anterior wall that is front wall in the posterior wall that is back wall in your case the Placenta is attached at upper most (fundal) part of the front wall of the uterus which is considered normal. In context to the Placenta it is favourable for the normal delivery
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