17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had gestational diabetes and now am controlling my food.My blood sugar after 2 hrs of breakfast is 109 now.can I eat banana chips,? Weather it increases sugar?

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Answer: Of course banana chips will have sugar in it. Anyhow, banana chips are not a healthy snack. So try and avoid it. Instead you can have pop corn, poha or sone other healthy snacks.
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Question: My blood sugar is 130 mg/dl after 2 hrs glucose test... Do I have gestational diabetes... I am so worried
Answer: Its normal u dont have any diabetes Now it is normal to have the readings high or low that is because of pregnancy tyroid diabetes are commonly keep increasing but its normal firstly be cool dont get tensed it affect ur baby brain development have patients after delivery again u will be normal Consult doctor and they will guide u
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Question: am 10 weeks pregnant now...i have blood sugar 143 after breakfast..is it ok or it gestational diabetes??please help out
Answer: Firstly you should check your sugar level in empty stomach(fasting). The sugar level after breakfast may be difficult to conclude your diabetes level. After food there is always a chance of higher sugar level depending on the food you had.
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Question: I m having gestational diabetes. My doctor advised me to monitor sugar levels 4 times in a day at home i.e. Fasting, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner. My question is after how many hours I should do sugar test. Is it after 1 hr of breakfast or 2 hrs of breakfast??
Answer: Hello! Maintain the 2 hours gap for checking. Also right down the reading along with the time of recording it on daily basis. This will help you to keep a easy track on it... Take care
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