19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i had backpains frequently , while i walk or stands in one place... wenevr i go for a walk within 10mins i had pain nd tiredness, I'm not weighted too, previously i had tis backpain issue wat can i do for tat...

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Answer: Exercise . Regular exercise strengthens muscles and boosts flexibility. That can ease the stress on your spine. Safe exercises for most pregnant women include walking,swimming , and stationary cycling. Your doctor or physical therapist can recommend exercises to strengthen your back and abdomen.Heat and Cold . Applying heat and cold to your back may help. If your health careprovider agrees, start by putting cold compresses (such as a bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel) on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. After two or three days, switch to heat -- put a heating pad or hot water bottle on the painful area. Be careful not to apply heat to your abdomen during pregnancy.Improve your posture. Slouching strains your spine. So using proper posture when working, sitting, or sleeping is a good move. For example, sleeping on your side with a pillow between the knees will take stress off your back. When sitting at a desk, place a rolled-up towel behind your back for support; rest your feet on a stack of books or stool and sit up straight, with your shoulders back. Wearing a support belt may also help.Counseling. If back pain is related to stress, talking to a trusted friend or counselor may be helpful.Acupuncture . Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into your skin at certain locations. Studies have shown that acupuncturecan be effective in relieving low back pain during pregnancy. Check with your health care provider if you're interested in trying it.Chiropractic. When performed correctly, chiropractic manipulation of the spine can be safe during pregnancy, but consult with your doctor before seeking chiropractic care.
Answer: Hello Ye normal hai. Aap ka anxious hona bhi normal hai. The pain u experiencing is due to aap ke uterus. Jaise aap ka baby big hota hai vaise pressure on back abdomen aur vaginal muscle tho aap ko back pait vagina aur leg mai pain ho sakta hai. Aap soote wakth pillow back mai de aur cold ya hot press use kare. Warm shower bhi pain kam karne mai madad hogi gentle massages to help u feel relaxed with coconut or olive oil. Hope I helped
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Question: I had vaginal pain while sleeping night time ,if i change my sides na tat time i had slight pain on my private area,thighs nd mrng leg cramps also is tat normal ,my baby is in cephalic position oly .,nd thn secondary tis time of period can i intercourse wit my partner is tat any issues or creates any harmness to my lil one?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Vaginal pain at this stage is due to increasing weight of baby.Thigh pain and leg cramps are also due to it. Sit with raised legs so that pressure reduces there. Do not stand or sit for more time. If you feel pain is heavy or you find any other symptoms you have to consult doctor. Mist of the times baby changes position in last stages of pregnancy or some time before delivery. you can have only, If your pregnancy is not complicated and your doctor did not ask you to avoid sex, you can have sex. Position is also very important and always try to prefer side position, as it doesn't put any sort of pressure on your baby bump. Using condoms is also important.Since you have cramps please contact doctor before having sex as they know your condition better.Take care
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Question: on 18th March while sleeping at night I had my periods in brown colour for a day nd later slowly it changes to little reddish nd I had periods for 3 days and I took purity bath on 24th March nd after bathing I'm having little watery discharge little bit for some time and on 25th March I mean today too I feel some like that ..I'm in doubt whether I'm at early pregnant or not..pls some experts clear my doubt plssss
Answer: If you had your normal periods this month then it's almost 5% chances that you are pregnant. If you had relation after your periods then it will reflect in your body after 3 weeks only. Not before than that. Brown discharge before periods is hormonal imbalance.
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Question: I'm near to labour...i had too much vaginal pain at night times, while i sleeping on my sides if i get change my sides..,tat tim it has more painful nd if i got up fr drinking water or anything else its more painful...its bcos of pressure of baby's head?
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to feel pain and a bit heaviness in vagina. It's not just the third trimester when those aches and general feelings of heaviness may strike but u can feel it in ur entire pregnancy. Remedies for vaginal pain: 1. Rinsing the area with cool water. 2. Soaking in cool or warm baths. 3. Using topical ice packs wrapped in a towel. 4. Heating pad use, may help some women. 5. Using mild, unscented soaps and detergent.
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