13 months old baby

Question: I had done premature delivery in eighth month due to high bleeding.. My baby weight is only two kgs.any extra care for baby

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Answer: Hi dear please give us a little more details as per your profile it seems that your baby is 13 months old and 2 kg weight at 13 months is not normal at all so if it is not the case then please let us know what is the babies age and the corrected age, and do premature babies do take some time to grow properly but then they become healthy at the literature so please do whatever your doctor has suggested you to do breast feed the baby as much as you can and take care of the baby so that the baby doesn't to catch up for cold which might hamper again the growth for sometime .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby's weight is only 2kg. What type of extra care should i take for him to gaining weight?
Answer: Hello dear, If baby doesn't have any serious medical complications then no need to worry, only time to time get her for vaccination and feed breast milk only, try to feed every 2 hours.
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Question: My delivery is premature how is care in home she very weak she has only 1kg weight
Answer: Hi..usually premature babies tend to born with low weights..normal wt is 2.5kgs and more..there's nothing to worry..eventhough babies born with low weight we can help them gain weight via breast feeding..its the normal and common process..first you eat healthy that only converted to milk to feed the baby..feed him often..because of low weight the baby may feel chill too soon..wrap him in a cloth and warm him up by carrying him in your chest..give him enough sleep for about 12-16hrs and feed him often..if the weight tripled in 3rd month means he's getting enough nutrition and weight..continue that till 6months after that you can introduce semi solid foods.
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Question: In 32 week my premature delivery occured.Pls guide to take care and precaution for the baby.
Answer: Folle according to doctors . Its better they will know situation
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