11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had discharge in dark brown colour yesterday in a liitle amount. And had some bleeding today.. is there any problem? Is it urgent to consult doctor immediately?

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Answer: During first trimester Slight spotting is common. But it should not be there for more than two days.if it's implantation bleeding then it's fine, but to confirm that, u need to consult gynaecologist and undergo ultrasound scan.
Answer: Hi,this could be due to implantation bleeding which happens when fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the uterus.hiwever still to be in the safer side you should consult to the Dr
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Question: Yesterday some dark red colour discharge. today discharge colour normal.Am 9 week pregnant. Any problem.
Answer: Spotting is normal during early pregnancy but if it is heavy bleeding..immediately consult your doctor
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Question: Hi im 13 week's pregnant.yesterday night some bleeding i saw and today brown discharge is releasing..is there any problem..
Answer: Hello, brown discharge is usually just old blood from your period taking a bit longer to leave the body. It's usually caused by cervical mucus mixing with old blood—which is why it's a brown color instead of bright red, like fresh blood. Hope this helps.
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Question: Yesterday doctor had done pelvic examination for me. Today morning I have found dark brown color bleeding. Is it ok
Answer: Brown discharge is generally normal and so is light spotting-It could happen due to inflammation or changes in cervix or also it could be left over blood after implantation.U should still visit a doctor for a scan and the doctor might give u hormonal tablets to take for a few days to keep your pregnancy protected.Take care and dont take stress.
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