Question: I had cramps since the beginning of my pregnancy...Bt one day after vomiting , cramps suddenly I m worried..Is my baby ok...??I m 11weeks pregnant..plz reply

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Answer: feeling no or less symptoms is normal... Every woman will have a different pregnancy and because of this, not every woman will experience each of the common symptoms like gas, bloating, food cravings, morning sickness, and nausea. In reality, the most common symptom is actually a feeling of increased fatigue and some women won’t even notice this. Therefore, pregnant but no symptoms is quite possible.
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Question: Can I have prawns ??? I m going to have it after 6 months..I never had prawns since the day one of my pregnancy...
Answer: Hello dear. Prawns are absolutely fine to eat during pregnancy just you have to ensure that they are well cooked as they can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause food poisoning. Hope it helps
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant. Still vomiting atleast one or two times in a day.. Is this vomiting affect my baby.. Plz tell really worried.
Answer: Don't get..upset dear .. during the pregnancy vomiting is dosnt affect baby...but you must intake more fulids like fresh water ..and healthy fuds also... otherwise if feel more tired on that time we doesn't like all type of fuds. So scleted likes food must eat in regular intervals...
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Question: I had vomiting for only one day. I'm in 6th week of pregnancy. Is that normal
Answer: Hi  If you don't feel sick or queasy at all during your pregnancy, this is perfectly normal, too. Plenty of women enjoy healthy pregnancies withno nausea or sickness at all.
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