15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had cracked skin on one nipple drom few months back.Before pregnancy i used few tablets n retinol cream.It got healed but after few months that problem again started.During pregnancy i asked my doctor about this,she suggested nipcare cream n no tablets fr it.But still i am facing the problem nipple skin is carcking and again new skin is generating again and again.but with little pain I am worried if i can give my baby proper feeding.plss suggest med best curable soultion

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Answer: Hi,don't worry this is a common problem to get cracked nipples.uou should apply the cream and in case after delivery the problem continues yes you should express the milk to feed the baby.
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Question: I am trying to conceive. I started my first gynac consultation around 4 months back, when she asked basic questions and got a pap smear test done. The report showed severe inflammation, so she prescribed candid vl and ornidazole. I took it as prescribed and could see the difference in the vaginal discharge. She confirmed that the cervix was completely healed. Now after a month, i again see similar precious discharge which was there before i took the medicine indicating infection. Moreover, i am getting itching between anal and vaginal junction, as well as anal opening. How can i be away fr these infectionsch
Answer: Hi Vaginal infections are to be properly treated... Many fungicide drugs are prescribed by doctors and the course of medicine comes for only 6 days I think.... However you could opt for some natural remedies which would improve the natural flora in the vagina and cervix region....can apply curd, turmeric thoroughly in the Vaginal area...but have to confirm your body's sensitivity towards the applied one... Avoid using antiseptic creams, lotions, and soaps... coconut oil.is an ancient medicine...even tap water rinsing is not so good aa the pH varies a lot... You could use wipes also after toilet use..Basic anal washing should be done without touching/any contact with your vagina...so that could prevent infection..... Stay always Hydrated...Hope some of these tips help you...
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Question: hi all I have 9 months old daughter n I am pregnant again so doctor asked m not to breastfeed her so we started on formula but I dono how much quantity should i give her as she is new to it..
Answer: Hi dear let me tell u one thing whenever we goes for the formula docs always give some instructions about the quantity I.e. about 30:1 that means 30 ml water contains 1 spoon of formula It's the ideal quantity of formula powder
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Question: Hai I don't feel like I m pregnant n o don't feel symptoms of pregnancy.. Now I m 5 week pregnant ..last week doctor did blood test n said 4 weeks as finished u r pregnant and gave tablets n said fr scan after 15th.... Should I go fr test again to conform r am I really pregnant. What to do
Answer: It depends on individual boby mechanism , some may feel pregnancy symptoms while some they may not
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