10 months old baby

Question: i had copper t when my c section was done ..i had my first periods on Dec 24 after delivery ...i didn't get my periods yet 1 month over ...my baby have breast milk only in night ...

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Answer: This is absolutely normal. Many women experience irregular periods when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is driven by the release of hormones and those hormones can make your periods unpredictable. Its takes some time to regulate your periods.
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Question: After my C section I didn't get back my periods Yet already 7 months over, m worried
Answer: Few ppl after year few as soon as u stop breastfeeding few 10 months above dnt wry during this time u should take care about intercource mine after stopping breast feeding by 11 months dnt wry
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Question: After c section i didn't get periods??
Answer: It's normal for breastfeeding mothers so don't worry about that
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Question: When can I put copper t after c section
Answer: Wait for about 6-8 weeks for using any contraceptives
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