1 months old baby

Question: I had c section on Sept 14 2018....started breastfeeding 1 hour after the surgery.... From past 2 weeks my baby is vomiting daily even after burping ....and my doctor says it's normal....

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Question: Hi... M 37 weeks pregnant with 2nd C-section n doctor has given me date on Sept 6for operation I feel more kicks in my tummy n from past 3days vomiting sensation is it normal m worried..
Answer: Hie Yes dear it is normal decrease in movements is something you should worry about Increase in movements is good that means you have a hyper active kid Be prepared to entertain him Baby's movements vary like us they are at times full of energy mostly when you have some thing sweet and sometimes comparatively low In both cases monitor your baby's movements every 3 hour
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Question: Is it safe to drive two wheeler after c section my surgery was on sept 6 ?
Answer: Hi,you should not rude a two wheeler immedidiately bafter csec You should wait at least till 2 months . As stiches need at least 6 weeks to heal completely.
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Question: I had c section 2 month before and my baby is on breastfeeding can i drink juice from outside
Answer: Yes dear, fresh juice you can drink occasionally but try to make fresh fruit juice at home that is more healthy and hygienic..
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