4 months old baby

Question: I had c section 5 months before and I am missing periods from November. Please advice me

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Answer: U breastfeeding, then dnt worry
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Question: I had c section 6 months before, since then I didn't have periods, looking for ur valuable advice.
Answer: Hey. No its better not to. It warms up the body a lot. Better either mix it up with coconut oil or use only coconut oil. Mustard oil is also better than olive oil in summers. Please don't apply so much oil on head especially in summers. Better to apply in before bath massage only. Mustard oil should always be avoided on head as it starts accumulating ovee there sometimes resulting in cradle cap. Hope this helps
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Question: i had c section before 10 months ...can i go to Jym and workout ....please suggest
Answer: hello dear, you can definitely go to gym and workout. After completion of 6 m it isn't safe to jump, running and picked up weights. Hence don't worry. all the best
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Question: I had c section before 5 months but still my periods are not regular. What should I do?
Answer: Dear if you are breastfeeding it is normal. They come down to normal cycle in sometime. Wait for another 2 cycle. My periods came back after 8 months. Hope it helps.
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