3 months old baby

Question: I had c section 3 months ago. Now from 2 days I am having black discharge that to very little. WT cud b d reason

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Answer: brown spotting occurs within 4–6 weeks of breastfeeding, it might be old blood left in the uterus and didn’t come out while you were experiencing lochia. If it happens after 2–3 months it might mean that your periods will be back soon. Around 40% women get their periods during first year postpartum and in that 40% around 10% get it under 6 months postpartum. It’s different for each mother depending on how quickly their hormones level out and how do they breastfeed. 
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Question: 3 months ago i had c section,but till now my stitches pains little little...
Answer: No worries sis it wil be like that only it will take time... Actually it wil take 6 months maximum...
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Question: I had c section before 3 months ago.. From when I have to start body exercise?
Answer: Hello... Dear you can start exercising after six months, because now your body is in healing process, as of now you can go for mild walking..
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Question: I had c section 3 months ago. Now a days am having irritation on my scar due to sweat. We live near coal mine area. Plz help
Answer: Hello! It is better to get it checked once by the doctor. Scar area should also be checked.
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Question: Hi i had a c section two weeks ago...from last two days i am feeling numbness and little swelling below my c section scar whats the reason?...also had a pain but now pain has gone..
Answer: Hello ! I would suggest you to once the doctor. Sudden numbness and swelling should not be there . Hence consult the doctor. Take care
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