5 months old baby

Question: I had c section in the month of June, I face severe back pain specially in the morning, sometimes I am not even able to move properly, but when I sit for sometimes like 10-15 min after waking up, it gets normal, has anyone faced the same issue?? What to do to reduce this pain, please help

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Question: My baby is 2 months and 10 days old. I feed her formula milk coz my milk supply was less before then now I don't feed her at all. She is not drinking milk properly since 2-3 days. She is drinking less milk then before. And before she used to drink milk in sleep also nd now she doesn't at all drink milk in sleep. Before she used to wake up in midnight when she used to be hungry and even if she didn't wake up I used to feed her once at night since few days. Bt now she doesn't wake up at night when she is hungry and night she drinks milk if I feed her in the midnight in sleep. I m worried that she does not get ill coz of reduced quantity of milk. Please help me out.
Answer: As baby grows sleeping pattern during night changes. It's normal no need to worry. I appreciate you during night u awake d baby and feed. During day every 2 hours baby is taking feeds and during night last feed at 2300hrs and next feed will be mng 4 or 5am also no problem. If d baby doesn't take feeds during day and also at night then u have to worry and at d same time baby passes urine and motion as before then no problem. If d baby is inactive and not taking feeds and not passing urine and motion then u have to worry and pay attention towards your baby.
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Question: In butterfly position of sitting I cant able to bend or sit peopeely sometimes ...I'm getting a sharp pain is this normal?
Answer: It is normal .in starting u might not be able to bend as the postion needs to streching of legs from both the side .if u try doing it daily slowly then the.pain will also decrease .
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Question: I got C-section 9 days ago.my stitches are healing good day by day.but from yesterday but onwards am getting severe pain at one edge of the stitches.am not able to sit atleast.it paining a lot when I sit.pls suggest some thing
Answer: Pain is common. Please take tab combiflam or pain killer suggested by doctor twice in a day.
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