2 months old baby

Question: I had c section delivery on 31st august.I still have pain in stomach when i press

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Answer: For me also same my delivery on 28 august.i also have pain when i m press..
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    Aswathi P.R1048 days ago

    Is this a problem.Do i want to meet a gynecologyst?

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Question: I had c section on 56 days agobut still i have pain on stomach and umbelical cord
Answer: Hi dear first of all public relations for the baby now if you have had a C section before 56 days then pain on your incision might be there light pain on the insertion is normal but there should not be any pain on the umbilical cord so if there is any pain in the umbilical cord please check it with your gynecologist once.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have c section delivery 3rd august.i have pain in stitches and backache.what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear you need to keep your stitches absolutely clean.. And if there is any swelling or blood then see your gynaecologist immediately, it might be an infection.. For back ache use heating pad..
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Question: My c section delivery on 31st august.I have white fluid discharge with foul smell from vagina.Is it a problem?
Answer: Hi dear. i am also faced this problem.its common in c section.it continues till 1 r 1 and 1/2 month.consult a doctor when the discharge will occur more than 2 months.
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