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Question: I had c section 7 days befor.. I don 've pain in the day time.. but severe pain start from d evng.. Why it happens.. Pls reply

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Answer: Hi dear the pain you are suffering can be due to the streching of the stiches in the process of healing. Take compelete bed rest and aviod anuly kind of pressure on the uterus or on the stiches. It will take minimum 2 months for complete healing. Pain will be there occasionally. If the doctor has prescribed antibiotics and pain killers have it as per directed by doctor for quick healing.
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Question: Had severe pain while making my stool..pain continues through out the day..got csec befor 1mon..pls hlp me
Answer: The pain is due to constipation. Drink plenty of water and juices. Eat more fruits. Soak dry raisins overnight and in the morning strain and drink juice. It's good to cure constipation
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Question: I had c section 56 days ago and have cough for two weeks..while coughing severe pain in my left side of incision.is any thing serious?Pls reply..
Answer: Hi dear it is not good to have cold after c sec as it can give pressure to ur body and ultimately stitches. U need to cure ur cold soon . It could affecr ur stitching if u have severe cold. Do consult doctor for medicine as don't take urself . U must be lactating . Also do take steam. And gargle . U can sip some kadha made of ginger honey and tulsi. I also use apple cidar vinegar one spoon. With one spoon of honey in a glass of warm water before sleeping. Make sure to have in sips. It will relieve ur infection
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Question: Hi I had a c section 4 days ago. Since that day I ve not had a motion. Please help
Answer: It is common. I had normal n got motion after 5 days post delivery. Nothing to worry. Keep yourself well hydrated and eat fibre foods. Consult your doctor n get a laxative
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