2 months old baby

I had c section before two months. For the past two days i have severe backpain. How to get rid off it and suggest me home remedies.

Back pain is common in c section... Try to analyse your feeding position... Take support and feed your child.. Or place a pillow behind before feeding... Moreover you can take rock salt heat it in a pan and place it in a cotton cloth tie it nicely so the salt does not come out... Place it below your back and lie on it... Use it as your warm bag... It helps. It helped me..
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Question: I have 2months baby by c section,,, wat may be the reason for headache and how to get rid off
Answer: Head ache can be reduced by following some tips 1.Drink lot of warm water 2.Coffee helps to reduce headache, but do not take more than two small cups of coffee a day as over dose of coffee can increase pain 3.You can use hot or cold compress to reduce the pains 4.You can have warm oil massage and after one hour hot bath so that pain reduces but never leave oil for more than maximum two hours because it can increase pain If pain increases please consult doctor.Take care
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Question: Suggest me home remedies to get rid of joint pains raosed after c section
Answer: Hello dear It could be due to breast feeding. When you breastfeed a hormone called relaxin is released and it makes ur ligaments and joints loose. Remedies for joint pain: 1. Try taking a hot shower or bath. 2. Use a heating pad or electric blanket on your joints. 3. Place an ice pack wrapped in a towel on your joints.
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Question: I have severe​ cold past two. Please any home remedies
Answer: Drink ginger tea and some elaichi n dal chini on it It will relief u frm cold And one more thing apply mustard oil when u going on ur bed massge the oil on ur throat ,hand shoulder , feet and back and put blanket n wrm ur self it wil relief u in next morning try this
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