3 months old baby

Question: I had c section and now my baby is 90 days.can I do house hold activities like washing, sweeping Tec.

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Answer: Hi, you can start doing household chores but nothing that could put pressure in your back or pelvis. Do not do something that would require you to bend, lift, push and pull. Just sweeping, doing dishes while standing, washing clothes on machine and some cleanings. This is because the healing process takes a lot of time and is different from person to person.
Answer: It's up to you dear, if you felt your energy is back and can able to do it. Yes you can do but don't take over. Start from mild work and do you have any back pain or spinal pain?
Answer: Hi.. Dear Yes, you can.. Because it takes complete three months for the stitches to heal completely..
Answer: Yes u can there will not be any problem
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Question: Hi, on jan 6 i undergone c section. Cam i sit on the floor & started doing house hold works like sweeping, washing ?
Answer: Hi, i have undergone c section on Jan 7th. I have started sitting on floor and started with little exercise as per my doctors advice. Sweeping you can do but please be careful while washing as it could increase the pressure on your back and you might get backpain.
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Question: I am having 2 months old baby through c section. Can I do house work like sweeping, washing vessels etc
Answer: Hi,you can do but hi slow not all at one go.you should start activities slowly and as soon as you start feinh tired ,you should stop there.
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Question: Hi,i had my c section on 4 July,when can I start my house hold work like,mopping,cloth washing,dish washing,cooking etc please advise me.
Answer: Dear this completely depends on your health. How soon you feel healthy enough to start your work. I started household work after 2 months but that time I was relaxing at my mom's house but that could not be the case in the second pregnancy as I will be alone at my house and with my daughter to take care off. So atleast 40 days rest is needed after that you start gradually with light work and based on your healthy you increase the intensity of the work make sure you donot do too much with you as it may affect your recovery. Hope it helps.
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