3 months old baby

Question: I had c section 2 months ago. Can we have sex ?

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Answer: Atleast 3 months tak nahi krna chahiye after v sec.
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Question: I had c section 3months ago can we do sex?
Answer: Hi if you have c section you can have sex after 3 months if you feel more pain then you could wait until 6 months but having sex after three months, that you don't need to worry and get panic and please use any protective methods to prevent getting pregnant very soon you can try using condoms which don't have any side effects
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Question: Hello doctor 2 months ago,I had C-section delivery when should I participate in sex
Answer: After 6-8 weeks of c section you can have sex, if you feel comfortable, if your body is set back to normal, if your stitches heal completely
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Question: I had c section 3months ago can we do sex? Pls suggest
Answer: hi dear , while this may vary from person to person , normally a min of 6 weeks is needed for the cervix to close and your gynaeac is the best person to examine the stiches and give a go ahead for this.. also as you start to feel more comfortable , you could accordingly go ahead
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Question: i have c section 2 months ago
Answer: Hi dear. if you have C section 2 months ago then you should take care of your diet eat healthy food nutritious tired but don't having food and also avoid carrying a lifting any heavy object that you should give enough time to your body to hear properly and also I didn't records for first three months after delivery and the make sure that you are stitches should not be wet and there should not be any pus in stitches and also take a proper care of yourself from all aspects
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