1 months old baby

Question: I had c sec. I feed my baby in such a position that i put a pillow on my knees nd put a pillow behind my back. Still i have pain in my stiches area. I feel vry week and cant walk or sit for much tym to feed

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Question: My delivery was a C-sec in april Now in stiches area itching too much..suggesst me any remedies
Answer: It is the most common trouble in summers that you are experienceing itching ,you feel lot of itching on your cesarean stitch. but be careful do not scratch your stitches it can get infected easily in summers. I will advise you to use good moisturizer such as calosoft you can use absolutely natural moisturizer that are available from over the counter brands such as curatio. do not rub the surface you can apply absolutely Pure Desi Ghee which is antibacterial as well as any emolient and good skin barrier it will help to decrease the itching . you can also apply Boroline on the scar because it has healed it will also subside your itching. you should not use soaps on your scar area because soaps strip the natural skin barrier of your skin and hence cause itching and burning on the scar area . apply a very gentle soap such as teddy bar or dermadew these both soaps can also be used on your baby if at all you see pus or red swollen area around your scars you should immediately consult your gynecologist as it signals infection. take care
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Question: Hi i had my c sec yesterday..still now i cant pass gas..is this a problem
Answer: Hello dear dnt worry it happens.drink plenty of water and relax ur mind.eat fiber rich foods,Drink warm liquids,soups. First try to walk for few mins I knw it’s difficult to walk but aft c sec docts advice to walk once ur numbness goes away so dat u won’t feel d gastric tummy take care.
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Question: Hlo, i had normal delivery 5 days back, i had severe pain in my stiches, unable to sit and feed
Answer: hi this is normal do not worry you can apply coconut oil which we have to give you relieve you should consult to the doctor the doctor may prescribe some ointment which will also help you or a painkiller which will help you go slow in your activities and take good rest
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