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Question: I had c sec 10 days back. ...my stomach is painful if I just press. ..is it OK? ?

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Answer: In c sec stomach pain common bcz of stitches. So eat properly medicine which recommend doctor
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Question: I had c sec on aug 15, now my stomach is always tight and painful
Answer: Agr ap ESA food le rhe ho jisse gas bne to use Na le healthy aur light food and liquid food le..
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Question: when to start sex after c sec...had c sec 3.5 months..is it painful
Answer: C sec recovery is a crucial time. You can't be ignorant towards it. To deliver the baby your doc has cut many layers(skin fat muscles tissues etc) are cut, wch is later sewn back. Its more then necessary for you to give time for your stitches to heal to avoid any complications in future and be able to carry out normal routine. And thus doesn't happen in a day or week or for that matter in a month. It takes minimum of 3 months for your internal stitches to heal and another 3 for external healing. Therefore you need to be careful while having sex. As you are breastfeeding you might feel dryness in your vagina which might make your pleasure time painful. Take things slow and easy. Practice safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
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Question: Is it OK if I get operated for 266 days. My doc suggested for c sec
Answer: Hi, it is little pee term delivery. But it depends upon the medical condition on which de must have made this decision. If there is any type of complication or other factors that made the Dr decide on this I feel there is nothing wrong and you should go ahead with his decision. There should not be any problem. All the best. Have a safe delivery
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Question: I had a vaginal delivery, my bleeding is just 10 days, is it ok?
Answer: Hello! Generally heavy bleeding along with blood clots continue till 10 days and after that you might have spotting or yellow discharge. This is absolutely normal, but if you think there is more to it then once consult the doctor. Take care
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