6 months old baby

Question: i had bleeding till 1 month after delivery..then next month again i had periods..then after that i started having periods twice in a month..dr gave me regesterone for 21 days..but after that also i am having irregular periods..i have exclusively breastfeeding..what to do??

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Answer: Hello dear. There is nothing you can do apart from consulting gynae and taking help with medication. Getting periods twice a month is not a good sign for your health and should be treated. Also it happens due to hormonal imbalance so with medication also try natural remedies. to correct the hormonal imbalance you can take help from natural ways to improve your fertility. First natural way is to eat healthy fats. Stay away from fried foods, margarine and certain types of chips and crackers. Second is start meditation. It is a proven method to relax and boost your fertility. Third is Eat more omega-3s and cut down on omega-6s. Diets high in omega-6 fats are inflammatory, whereas diets balanced with omega-3 fats are not. Fourth is getting more vitamin D. Fifth is doing exercises and keeping ur body fit. Sixth is getting a good amount of sleep which actually plays an important role in keeping you healthy. All these should help you in achieving hormonal balance and boost your fertility. Hope i helped.
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Question: I had my periods till 3rd month after delivery again it stopped in 4th month
Answer: Don't worry dear mumma ... post childbirth it is common for a women to have irregular periods, not at all uncommon to have a longer than normal period. It takes a while for this cycle to regulate and especially if you exclusively breastfeed your baby.
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Question: Kindly tell me i had bleeding postpartum till 41 days but after 3 days on 5th JAN again bleeding started for 7 days. I thought it was my periods. But today 25th JAN again bleeding started. Still confused whether periods or some other disease as my doctor told me that i have small fibroids in my uterus during c section. I m also breastfeeding
Answer: It happens and the eventually it clears. Same kind of thing happened with me. Even now. I consular my gynaecologist she told it will eventually clear happening like that and those are not periods. So you don't need to worry.
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Question: Hi.. i had bleeding for 1 month after delivery, now my baby is 2 months old and i had seen spotting..does that mean my periods have started again?
Answer: Hi..try keeping the area clean n dry..u can use candid powder, check for rashes if der are any rashes u can go to ur doc, wear loose panties.
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