7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had bleeding in my 5th week and doctor advised to take progesterone tablets and to stop bleeding tablets have been given for 5 days after that no bleeding yesterday night i have back pain hope this is not harmful

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Answer: Plz take bed rest. Always lay down on ur left side. Back pain is not harmful dear. Its normal during pregnancy. Avoid long time standing or sitting work. Avoid intercourse completely
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    Thejeswini D550 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hi moms i have been taking progesterone tablets twice daily from third day of ovulation. Yesterday i noticed my tablets r over and i only get them today night. Is it dangerous not to take them one time.
Answer: S its a normal process. I have PCOS and have only one ovary. I have taken HCG injection for mire than a week and now iam two months pregnent. Do regular scanning to knw the grwth of egg and so it will help u to predict ur ovulation, if u dont have any block in ur tube for sure u will be pregnant next month.
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Question: Hello I'm 7 weeks pregnant and i started bleeding 5days ago..its heavy like period bleeding..i went to hospital and was given some progesterone tablets like duphason susten and folic acid..pls bleeding is still there..doctor said its subchronic hermorrage and i should take bed rest..i have been on bed rest but no result..what to do to stop bleeding
Answer: Hi, Keep your legs elevated, keep atleast 2 pillow under your feet for height and take complete bed rest, consult your doctor again and take the medication as per doctors suggestion.
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Question: I m 12 week pregnant...my doctor advised me to take progesterone tablets ..I like to know how much time it will take to stop my spotting ?
Answer: hello dear follow your doctor suggestions mostly spotting will be reduced in few weeks
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