7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had an ultrasound scan yesterday, yolk sac and fetal pole wasn't seen. Only gestational sac measuring 7 mm was seen. What could be the issue?

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Answer: Hi, the same issue happened with me as well and doctor suggest to come for ultrasound after 3 weeks and everything was fine. So dont worry.
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Question: I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I went for ultrasound yesterday and my gestational sac was visible, but foetal pole and yolk sac was not there. Does this thing take time to develop??? Doctor has advised me go go for another ultrasound after 2 weeks.
Answer: Hi fetal pole is thickening on the margin of yolk sac .usually it can identified at 6 weeks through transvaginal scan, at 7 weeks through trans abdominal scan.some time it may take 7-9 weeks to appear.so better to repeat scan after 10 days.take care
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Question: Hi mam..my lmp is feb7 2021.i under went a scan on 30/4/2021.doctortold me that gestational sac is 6.7 mm and yolk sac size is 12.5 mm..there is no fetal pole or no heart beat..can anyone explain the situation
Answer: Pls consult your doctor immediately.baby's heart beat must be seen according to your lmp. You are about to reach 4th mnth still heart beat is not present which is emergency situation. So pls hurry and consult your doctor today
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant but scan show 5 week 3 day No you sac and no fetal pole .
Answer: Hello dear , this 2 week difference is due to conceive days . Now you should do this scan again 1-2 weeks.
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