37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had an abortion in my 4 th month due to fetal acrania after 2mnths doctor suggested vitagreat tablets to be continued till i concieved.But i missed the tablets for 18 days after 2 mnths of course again i started the course . Is there any problem if i concieve after 1 month

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Answer: Hi Dear! first of all miscarriage depends on a particular reason and if your doctor has prescribed your medicine which you have missed for sometime I think it is not a big deal because It depends on the reason of miscarriage and it varies from woman to woman and some say tey immediately as the Pregnancy hormone remains in the body and some say to wait for 3-6 months so that the body is out of infection. Personal opinion ..A miscarriage brings huge amount of physical n emotional turmoil. More emotional then physical i will say. Technically the body gets back to normal sooner. Once the periods are back may be. But emotionally its difficult. The fear and anxiety factors are at the peak. So in the best interest who has undergone a miscarriage, its better to take a break for about 4-6 months (as some doctors also prescribe) and then try it agin. Hope this helps!
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    Divyamahesh 2828 days ago

    Thnq mam,completed 6 months after abortion,nw we r planning for pregnancy i hope everything will b fine

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