4 years old baby

Question: I had always smell from vagina. And white discharge in light pink color .i use pad. Wat i do

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Answer: Consult the doctor .need treatment. You have vaginal infection
Answer: Consult the docotor
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Question: White color discharge from vagina
Answer: Hello dear, white discharge is common during pregnancy, ovulation and also before periods...so you will have to take a pregnancy test or do a HCG blood test to confirm your pregnancy...
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Question: Light blood with white discharge(light pink clot) seen at morning.... Wat to do?
Answer: Hi dear if you are experienced light blood with the white the shirts that is light pink lot and you are 16 weeks pregnant according to me you should definitely inform this to your doctor and your doctor might also ask you to take a scan to check if everything is fine and there is no problem in the pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hii at 15 weeks 6 days i m having light pink spotting. From noon i was getting more white discharge and in evening it came with slight pink spotting and its smell is also bad? Anyone else had it?
Answer: If the discharge is I creased and had foul smell then it is due to yeast infection. Keep the area clean wash after every use of washroom ,and avoid spicy food and oily foods. Drink plenty of water stay hydrated as this will help to reduce infection.
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