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Question: I had a normal delivery with 4 stiches on 4th dec, on 12th i visited the doc where she told i still need to rest as 2 stitches are still not diluted. Now issues is i am facing severe burning sensations all the time, also while passing urine. Please suggest

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Question: I delivered my baby on 20 January but still I feel pain of vaginal stitches and can't even stand and sit and facing problem while passing urine and not able to feed my baby while sitting
Answer: Keep area clean n dry. Try applying betadin its available in both liquid n cream and you can use whichever is ok for you. If still persists you can reach your gynic.
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Question: Hi all, i had cerclage few months bck. And i m on bed rest. I m facing severe constipation. Doc prescribed my stool softner as i shouldnt push but still no results. Please assist with some remedies
Answer: Try eating fruits than having fruit juice. U can sit for sometime on the bed after eating n then lye down
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Question: After normal delivery what are the things that i need to take care of.... and i have severe back ache... also while passing my stool im facing lot of pain and burning sensation... Plz help
Answer: hi dear drink plenty of water and increase the intake of fruits especially banana it will reduce constipation and the burning sensation and pressure while passing stool will reduce considerabily also for back pain you can apply pain relief ointment and give hot pressure at the back it will reduce back pain hope this helps dear
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