40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i had a normal delivery b4 12 days..episiotomy was done today i went to doc as was having pain till now she told me my stitches are opened up and dint dissolve or fell..i m very sad..she said i will go under restitching which is quite painfull i m a newborn mother what to do

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Answer: hello.. dear thats really painful.. but yo need to bear the pain of restitching dear.. you also need proper rest to heal the stitches...every woman who had episiotomy they have bear the pain till they heal the stitches.. warm water bath or warm water bag will help you to ease the pain.
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Question: Hi... Today I went for regular check up my doctor took CTG... It was normal... Then she did PV she said my cervix opened 1 CM.. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear, it is normal. Opening cervix is called dilation. It is a sign that ypu are going to deliver the baby soon. During pregnancy, as you near your due date -> your cervix getting softer, thinner, and opened. ->contractions starting, growing stronger and closer together. -> your water breakdown. Cervix is the passage way from uterus to vagina. Your cervix typically remains long and closed untill you get closer to delivery date. During the first stage of labor, your cervix will start open and then thin out to allow your baby to move out. Dilation starts at 1cm and goes all way to 10cm before there is enough space to push your baby into the world. The cervix of the forst time moms remain closed untill the due date.
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Question: I had normal delivery it has been 3 weeks but the episiotomy stitches didnt dissolve...doc said it wil dissolve its own but didnt till now . Can i sit crossed legs or fold legs upstraight while lying.wil it effect my stitches?
Answer: Dear episiotomy stitches take time to heal because of the place they are in and regular movement and all make it more late. So dont worry just control your movement a bit and also ask for some ointment from your doctor to heal it more quickly and dont sit crossed legs because it will put pressure and stretch on the stitches...
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Question: Hi there.... I'm quite worried about a situation, kindly guide me...as the first day of my last periods was 22 feb.... And the doc gave me the delivery date of 27 Nov...I didn't get any contraction but yes I had backache and sometime a sudden Pain on lower abdomen..yesterday I went to my doc she said I'm a bit late and I should get admit asap, as the water in the womb is getting dry from some areas. I also went to 2 other ladies, they are quite experienced, they checked me and said you still have few days and you are not overdated... What should I do?
Answer: Doc is always ryt . Mujhe bhi same problem hui thi jb m pregnant thi. But at that tym m agr ladies ki sunti to pta ni kya ho jata but i listen to my gynae nd go thru c sec nd when during c sec i heard d doc was saying that the water level in my stomach was at very high position if 1 more day delayed there was a risk fr my baby jbki according to ladiea mujhe abhi 1 week ar tha so u decide apko apka baby chahiye ya un ladies ki sun ni h cz doc sbkuch chk kr k hi bolte h na. Gud luck
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