3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had a medical abortion on Oct 11. I had bleeding, well within the normal range, had all of my follow up blood tests and even an ultrasound to make sure that a DNC was not necessary to get anything else. Everything came back clear.Any ptoblem for pregnant.I was ecstatic. Now On October 30 i have bleeding incredibly lightly for 2 days only.I have so sad about it.Can i consider this date for my first period after the abortion???.Then my second question is,If am i pregnant how can i calculate my Lmp date???Can u help me please???!

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Question: Helo my period date was 12th March..on that day I had minor spoting n same happened on 13th also..regular flow of bleeding strt from 14th March.. So which day I consider 1st day of my periods?
Answer: hi your first day of the periods will be considered to be 12th of March on which you started with spotting
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Question: hi..we are planning for a baby but having irregular period cycle..how can I calculate the ovulation date????if I had my period on 5th feb
Answer: Ovulation happens 14 days before you start your period. Once you've ovulated an egg is only viable for a day, so 24 hours after ovulation you've missed your most fertile time. In fact a ten year study found that having sex starting 6 days prior to ovulation is the most conducive to achieving conception.
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Question: I had medical abortion on Oct 26 2018..i was 2 months pregnant..baby was not growing..My periods are not regularised from then... I get white discharge for a week, then brown discharge after 2 weeks and from this Monday, I am getting bloody flow once in 2-3 hours gap. How do I calculate my period dates.?
Answer: I think u should consult with ur doctor. I also go through abortion exactly the same date of urs.
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