27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I had a fight with in-laws and husband.i am crying like anything..not able to get out of this situation. Does it affect my baby as I am 6 months preganat

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Answer: Namashkar! If you are under stress, it will definitely affect the baby. So stay away from negative thoughts or actions and try to concentrate on good things. You chose to post your question despite the stress you are going through. This means you care more for your baby than anything. With the same spirit forgive and forget your family if they offended you or seek an apology if you offended them. Pregnancy is very special. Celebrate it with your loved one. Hope things get better soon and your little one brings bundle joy to your beautiful family. Take care!
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Question: My baby does not do anything like halofy say in daily growth of baby........m get worried regarding this. Plz help me out
Answer: Dear each and every baby will be same . We try to help u in things . What u want to know .
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Question: Quite depressed n crying a lot. Does it affect the baby, as I am 6 months preganat
Answer: Hi.. Depression doesn't affect baby's health Until he/she is in your womb. However, it will affect your health a lot which in worst scenarios can lead to pre mature delivery. There are things in life which you can not change, but, you have a beautiful baby inside you, who will make your world filled with joy. Whatever, situations are in life, God has rendered a blessing to you who will call you 'mom' soon. So smile and pamper yourself.
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Question: Hi , m 11 week pregnant....i had a huge fight with my in laws
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety.Stress is not safe in oregnancy. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to good music. Talk to people you are comfortable with. Spend some time with plants thus gives you lot of relief. Sleep well. Remember if you are happy only baby will be happy inside. Take care
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