Few weeks old baby

Question: I had a c-section on 12.6.19 still i have a pain in lower abdomen... Is it normal

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Answer: Hi,yes,it is normal,pain,will remain till 4-6 weeks after delivery,so don't worry.At this time the best solution vis to take good rest and eat healthy.
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Question: I have pain on touching at lower abdomen around c section scar...is it normal??
Answer: it sometime painful when you overdo something, stress, lifting heavy object, and inner layer takes 6 months to heal completely , so without examining can't say much its normal or not. if any shooting pain r hard pain is there please check with doctor once. if just above reason pain is there then it should subside after resting.
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Question: Hello my baby is 45days today, it was a c section, sometimes i have pain in right side lower abdomen... Is it normal?
Answer: It's normal. Take compelete bed rest. Also it will take minimum two months for complete healing. Till then there will be pain
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Question: I had c section delivery on 31st august.I still have pain in stomach when i press
Answer: For me also same my delivery on 28 august.i also have pain when i m press..
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