1 months old baby

Question: I had a c section in govt hospital I have to remove stitches on Monday now I am finding a small lump near the stitches what is it? Can anyone know

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Answer: It has to be examined.. please consult your doctor
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Question: I had c section 18 days before I had bleeding from the stitches ,do anyone have suffer from the same
Answer: Please consult doctor. Sometimes stiches can be sceptic or even thread allergy is possible.
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Question: I had my c section on July 14th..they removed stitches on july 20th..upto now it is ok .but today suddenly a small hair like tear happened..it is very when I sit ,walk..what can I do now
Answer: Immediately consult your doctor to avoid infection. Don't delay.
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Question: Hello i had c section on 21st sept and my stitches were dried.. but after 20days i had open poures near the stitches
Answer: I too had the same thing after one month of my csection. Everything depends on how the suiture materials accept by our body type. For me it took more than 10 months to get cured. I checked with more than 2 doctors and they said its quite normal, and they recommended to apply tbact ointment and betadine. After every bath you should dry the area with soft towel and apply recommended medicines by doctor.
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