40 weeks pregnant mother

I had a baby girl of 12 days with normal delivery.I had slite swelling on one Side of vagina due to which i had pain in walking nd sitting.Please suggest remedy to overcome.

Hi,this happens at times dear because if the stretching,you should do hot water compression this will help.
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Question: why m i having pelvic pain from one side only.. i can't sleep on side due to this pelvic pain..and it's very uncomfortable in walking
Answer: Only doctor after thorough examination can tell the cause of that pain. Plz visit doc dear.
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant and today I have lower back pain due to 2 hrs continue sitting.please suggest home remedy
Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. Sitting for a long time not advisable in pregnancy so lower pain is happening. Apply hot water bottle or do massage with lukewarm oil.
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Question: i had a severe pain in vagina during walking ,sitting ,lying on bed, doing daily activity.... wat to do to get rid of it....?
Answer: Pelvic pain is most commonly caused by the softening of the symphysis pubic (aka your pubic bone), by that darn pregnancy hormone relaxin and the weight of the uterus bearing down on this joint. It can result in uncomfortable pressure as the baby’s head or other body parts invade your pelvic region, as well as soreness, pain or swelling. You can try Epsom salts or just plain water to help reduce swelling. Exercises to strengthen your spinal, tummy, pelvic girdle, hip and pelvic floor muscles. These will improve the stability of your pelvis and back.Avoid activities that make your pain worse or that put your pelvis in an uneven position, such as sitting cross-legged or carrying your toddler on your hip. Try not to do heavy lifting or pushing. Do not climb stairs and take proper rest.
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