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Question: i had 2 miscarriages and 1 ecotopic pregnancy in last 3 year i have only one tube now..the left tube. Me and my husband took the decision for Ivf. doctor had tranfer 2 A grade frozen embryo on 27 nov.Just want to know i always having early miscarriage problem this time will my pregnancy will be successful. I am on proper bedrest

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Answer: Hi Dear Pls hv faith, take good care of yourself follow your Dr.s instruction hv healthy diet, sleep well and think positive over stressing always hv a negative effect which needs to b avoided.. Good luck!
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Question: I had Ivf embryo transfer on 27 June. Yet didn't finds any signs of pregnancy....
Answer: Hello I would suggest you to wait and take the test again next week. Get a home pregnancy test if u get a positive result then get a blood test done select a good gynecologist and begin this wonderful journey
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Question: Hi.. i am currently in ivf cycle. I have to go for embryo transfer in 2 3 days. Plz suggest me tips so that it will be successful. Please help me. It had been 2 years since i m struggling
Answer: Hi....pls take bed rest for at least 4 days post transfer...eat avacoda fruit for 5 days post transfer...it helps in chances for implantation..take rest and pls don't do any heavy lifting activities...Enjoy your days watching comedy movies..& keep urself stress free ..
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Question: I had miscarriage in July when I was in 2 months pregnancy running. Now, I m in 13 week of pregnancy. But still have the night mate of miscarriage! I want to have a successful delivery. Please help me
Answer: During pregnancy, most women experience a miscarriage dream which leaves them worried and confused. ... Being symbolic of loss, as a woman, you have every reason to worry after having this dream. When you are pregnant, and you have a dream of miscarriage, it normally is just your own anxiety of the pregnancy. 5 ideas for a good night's sleep 1.)BUILD A NEST. 2.)Create a comfortable bedtime environment, using pillows for support as your baby bump grows. ... 3.)HAVE SCREEN-FREE TIME. 4.)Banish technology from your bedroom, and avoid too much stimulation just before you go to bed. ... 5.)WRITE DOWN YOUR WORRIES. ...TAKE TIME OUT. ...KEEP A DREAM DIARY.
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Question: I had 2 miscarriages in early 4-5 weeks. What is the chances that this thing cannot happen again? When will i trying for baby again.
Answer: Hi dear the reason for miscarriage is very important to know for you so that you can take preventive measurements and precaution early now this would be wrong to say that it would happen again with proper supplements medicines normal food good sleep and stress free life it is possible to conceive again however I would suggest you to try again to conceive after 4 to 6 months of a particular miscarriage and as I have already mentioned that you need to know the reason so that you can take care of yourself well so please do talk to your doctor . All the best!
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