13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I habe reduced 7 kgs in 3 months is it a topic to think on or it happens?

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Answer: Dua during early pregnancy weight loss is normal because of nausea vomiting and not eating anything but if your baby's growth and weight is normal then there is nothing to worry ,but yes you should talk to your doctor about it and see what she suggest ..also take your iron calcium supplements regularly on time and eat properly add dry fruits, seasonal fruit vegetable in your daily diet and you will gain the proper weight..
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Question: I gained 3 kgs in 5 months ..is it normal ?
Answer: Hello dear.. yes,it is normal,weight gain in pregnancy will be around 15-25 kg due to harmonal changes,to control weight gain,have nutrious diet with lot of fruits and veggies,avoid packed snacks,go for walkimg and do mild exercise
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Question: Mam my weight reduced to 3 kgs..because my intake is very less. Please suggest is it OK?
Answer: Hello dear This weight loose might be due to nausea and vomiting which u are having in ur pregnancy. And also u feel faique while working whole day. So, whatever u eat all gone in vain. So, u are not able to gain proper weight. Just try to have plenty of water to keep urself healthy. As well as eat healthy and proper food.
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Question: Hi Dr.... Im currently 11 weeks pregnant... I gained 4 kgs in these 3 months... Is it a gud sign or i should reducr my weight ?
Answer: Nope it's normal... weight will raise one kg per month
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