38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got transparent milky discharge today just very small.Is it normal?

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Answer: Hi , yes it's normal. It is possibly your mucus plug which started releasing and you can expect your delivery within one week. Take care and all the best for your delivery. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 5 week pregnant but just now i got little bit bleeding with transparent discharge is it normal?
Answer: Hi, light bleeding does happen due to implantation of the embryo. However to avoid complications it is better to consult the doctor once as it can be sign of miscarriage too.
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Question: I got transparent white discharge from the vagina it was very sticky type.. What was it??
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear this is just because of excessive production of a mucus in your body and it happened because the level of oestrogen is high in your body when you are breastfeeding so don't worry this will vanish away within few days
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Question: Today i hav seen white milky discharge... Is it normal?
Answer: yes agr dischrg pink ya green ho to its dangerous or usme se smell aaye to consult your doctor immediately
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