25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got some pimple near anus, horrible pain. Kindly suggest something

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Question: I have a lot of iching in perinium nd near anus..plz suggest something
Answer: Hi dear,itching can be due to improper pH balance,infection or STI(sexually transmitted Infections)..so u should consult with ur doctor to know the exact reason.but I'm telling some tricks like using baking soda which can maintain the pH balance,keep ur vaginal area clean and dry.use water every after peeing and maintain personal hygine.Hope this will help,Thank you.
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Question: Hi...I have pain in left side of my hand and near my breast nipple i got pimple with puse inside,..... please suggest me some thing...
Answer: As for your hand. You can give your hand in warm salt water for vinegar water that should help. And for the pimple on your breast. you can play some towel hanky dipped in hot water on your nipples and then apply nipcare cream if it doesn't help then please visit a doctor as you might need some antibiotics
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Question: Large pimple on my baby's anus please suggest some remedies?
Answer: Hello dear. Your baby is too small and please do not use any remedy until your baby is 6 month. For skin related it is better to see the doctor. Hope it helps.
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