3 months old baby

Question: I got period in 45days after c section... giving formula milk if she cries lot... if i discontinue formula milk and start exclusive breast feeding can we stop period from next month..?

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Answer: No dear, it won't happen. And it is not necessary every lady who gives only breastmilk, period comes later. It just happens with most of moms but not everyone. So don't think too much about it and enjoy your motherhood.
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Question: Hello doctor after c section i got my period in third month and not getting my Period in next month and i am breast feeding mother.
Answer: Hi dear, It is normal post delivery ,some women skip their periods for months,women who are breastfeeding might not even get it for year and half.it differes person to person.i had breastfed my baby,but got my regular periods at 3 rd month post pregnancy. So ,not to worry as,hormones needs to be in place post delivery.it takes some time to settle that.
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Question: What can we start giving apart from breast milk?
Answer: Hello Please do not give ur baby anything other than breast milk as it's more than enough for the babies requirements. As babies below 6 months cannot digest any other food other than breast milk. Feeding semi solids or other things can cause indigestion or loose motions to the baby
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Question: How can i stop breast feeding my baby? She cries a lot at night if i wont feed her. My nipples are hurting so much. Please help me
Answer: Hi, evolution days are in between 12th day to 16th day of ur periods so for u it will be between 22st feb to 26th feb. Only between these days ur chances of getting pregnant is possible.
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