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Question: I got period after 4 weeks but I have sickness and vomit sense

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Answer: Hi Dear! Period after 4 weeks as in? on your date? or before/after..see If you hv alrdy got your periods the chances r less to conceive and the nausea or morning sickness feeling you think you hv is due to other health reasons. Hope this helps!
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Question: I got period to day like normal bleeding what I have to do but I have vomit sense and nipped pain and mng sickness after period also may I know reason
Answer: Hi,sorry but if you have git period like bleeding then there is no chance that you have conceived. However many a times it also happens that you get same symptoms of pregnancy even during your periods Thanks still happens bwith me many a times that I get nauseatic feeling when my due date is near
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Question: Hai 4 weeks pregnent I am getting vomit sense I am using folic 5 mg is it finw
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely normal and common to have a vomit sensation during early pregnancy it is happening because of the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body. so don't worry just avoid any oil your spicy food and have frequent small meals . also drink Lemon water or coconut water or you can chew fenugreek seeds these are the best remedies to avoid vomiting. Folic acid tablet that you are taking is also safe and healthy you don't worry...
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Question: Hi I have 6 weeks pregnant but I have no vomiting sense. Is it normal? When will I feel vomiting sense?
Answer: It's normal ....few will not feel ..even I was not feeling that time... have a happy time dear
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