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Question: I got pain in my uterus since morning..is it baby movement or ligament stretch pain?

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Answer: Hi dear baby movement felt only from 18th week.. the pain is bcoz of uterus is stretching since baby growing day by day so it need to accommodate .. lot of process is undergoing in our body that's enlargement and stretching of those muscles sometimes cause pain ..nothing to worry .. it resolves and ease off automatically. . If u want u can apply some castor oil externally around ur stomach and have warm bath.. that alone v can do moreover v cant take tablets particularly for this bcoz it's very very common in pregnancy days
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Question: having mild pain since morning in uterus in 13 weeks of pregnancy...is it normal ??
Answer: Hello! yes it is normal..it is due to stretching and expanding of utreus.
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Question: I have pain in my right ligament..is it normal??
Answer: Please explain is it paining in abdomen or thighs If there is constant pain in abdomen then you are already due for one checkup and see your Dr now for a scan to note baby's position. Do not worry.
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Question: Since morning i am feeling less movement of my baby? Is it normal?
Answer: The baby won't be active all the days. Some days it becomes inactive. So the movements will be less. Nothing to worry dear. It's normal
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Question: Is it ok to have some stretch or light pain in uterus in 5 month prrgnany
Answer: Hi,it is normal :)
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