18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i got one rommare like if the heart beat crosses 140 and above it will be girl baby ..... blablaaa .... it's true or just a fake mam

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Answer: This is false because it was tested in a group and everyone put their details in it and nothing match it is all false
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Question: Is its true that if heart beat below 140 is boy and above 140 will have a girl baby??
Answer: Hi dear the use a month saying that if the Heartbeat is less than it is baby boy and if Heartbeat is high then it is baby girl but it is not true that much there are some cases where the high heart beat it is for baby boys I have seen such people so it would be good not to believe on such
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Question: Hi.. I have heard of the baby's heart beat is below 140 , it's a boy or above 140 , it's a girl. Is it true??
Answer: No dear..it's a myth...as your baby's heart rate fluctuates through the day depending on your baby's activity in the womb..
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Question: Hai....is that true if the baby heart beat is below 140 is a boy and if the heart beat is above 140 is a girl
Answer: Hi. These are just the muth. So please avoid any such thing.
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