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Question: I got my periods on 8th oct 2018 then again i got periods on 18 oct 2018, and again i got my period today that is 3nov 2018... Usually it bleeds alot, but all this last three period it didn't bleed much as well... M taking chance for pregnancy n m not understanding when to take chance

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Answer: Hi Dear! Bleeding twixe or thrice in a gap of 10-12 days is not normal, it needs to be evaluated by a Dr. immediately because it will affect your ovulation time and if u dont ovulate it will affect your conception like as you said you r not understanding wen to take chance, hence it will be better to get regulate it first and then try.. Good luck!
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    padmajasoregaonkar gurav198 days ago

    Okay, but there is no blood flowing out... Only on the first day i cn see blood clots. N remaining day their not a drop of blood

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Question: I got delivery on aug 24th 2018 n i got 2nd period on oct 20th 2018 for 5days. Till now i haven't got periods is it ok..
Answer: Hi dear, It's absolutely happened with me too.i got my periods on 3 rd month it self.then had a gap of 4 months and then again for my periods.i was brestfeeding it was also need to be careful about having sex now.always take precautions.even if you have no periods,you are still ovulating.sonto avoid any unnecessary pregnancy,take precautions.
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Question: Hii.... I got my periods on 8th oct 2018 and it last for 15 days after that it started again on 29th oct 2018 and it last for 5 days on 8th dec 2018 i had upt test at home it came positive so how many weeks im pregnant now? And when should i go for ultrasound?
Answer: Hi Dear! You r running 7 weeks pregnant now, and u can go visit ur Dr. because the first scanning or viability test happens between 7-9 weeks of pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had my last period on 19 nov but afterthat again i got bleed on 6 dec nd just brown bleed not properly it done...but now my period date has been got over on 19 dec ...m i pregnant?...
Answer: Hello! It is difficult to say if you are pregnant or not. It is better to take the pregnancy test at home which gives more or less accurate results and you will know if you are pregnant or not. In either case make sure to consult the doctor . Take care
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