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Question: I got my periods on 30th August and m having cycle of 28-30 days...We had unprotected on 5th n 6th day of my periods...And this month my period date was 27th September which is missed...and m having little white discharge from evening of 27th September n 28th September morning...So is it a sign of being pregnant???...Should i go for pregnancy test??

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Answer: The possibility is very less that you could be present you should take your pregnancy test after one week not now
Answer: My period always come 1 day prior to the expected date...Then??
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Question: Hello man, I had intercourse on 6th day of my period and from two days I am having breast tenderness is it a sign of pregnancy OR what?
Answer: I had unprotected sex on next day after my period ended. After 16 days, i got bleeding like period for 7 days. After 31 days from the end of that bleeding i dont have my period yet. I have little pain in my breast. Am i pregnant?
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Question: Today is my 6th day of period I m having 26 days cycle n I want to plan baby so when should I do sex to get pregnant
Answer: you can download period tracking app in that you can feed your details and get to know the exact fotile days and the day of ovulation usually you will start to be fertile from the 10th day of the period till 15 day
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Question: My previous lmp is on 26th August .I have 32 days cycle but rarely 23 days cycle .I have some uneasy feeling in my lower stomach .And also I have little sticky white discharge .It is a sign of what ?
Answer: Discharge is common in every woman....if uh hav made relation in ur fertile days...then wait till ur next period date...if uh missedur period then after 7 to 10 days do upt
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